S4S/Promotion is one of the best ways to grow follower numbers, however I prefer to do mine in a different, and much more selective way. If you wish to do S4S with my OnlyFans page then there are certain rules/guidelines that must be met. S4S is similar to endorsing a product to your fans and so it reflects badly on your page if you promote pages that are not good content. For that reason I need to stick to these rules…


  • needs to have more personal content than promotional content

  • needs to show full frontal nudity with face

  • needs to be updated (with personal content) daily, or at least 4 to 5 times a week

  • needs to have good engagement. Follower numbers are not always a true indication so I need to look at number of likes and comments on posts.


  • A continuous video (not a slideshow or compilation) that shows your face, body and dick. It could be something simple like a shower video. The dick can be soft, or erect, or even a jerk off video. I prefer solo stuff and prefer not to show hardcore sex on my page. Solo cum is perfect but nothing more than that.

  • No watermark or logo on your video because I will add my ONES TO WATCH logo, your name, and your OnlyFans link onto the video.

  • The video needs to be longer than 30 seconds

  • You can send the video via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, to my email dylanrosser@mac.com

  • If you cannot use those methods you can send via WhatsApp +34605661209

  • When you send me the video, be sure to tell me your OnlyFans username and include a caption. Note: I will only use the caption as a rough guide as I need to write it in a way that fits with the style of my page.

  • I do not expect you to keep my post on your page forever, but you need to tell me how long it will be on your page for so we can both delete at the same time. If I feel your video is good content then I might choose to keep it on my page longer, for example if it has a cum shot then I will probably keep it on my page.

  • If you pin more then 5 posts to the top of your page then I expect my promo to be pinned to the top of the page also. If your followers can’t see my post without scrolling down forever then it’s not fair S4S.


  • I will send you my promo video once we have agreed to do S4S together and agreed on a date to do it

  • I will promise to keep your video posted for as long as you post mine, and if it is a good quality video then I might keep it on my page

  • I will send you a caption to use for my post, but feel free to edit it to suit the style of your page.

so, if that all sounds good to you then…

Send me a 1 day pass (www.onlyfans.com/dylanrosser) so I can check out your page and I will send one in return. Do not send a longer pass until we have agree to do S4S and decided on a date to do it. NOTE: I plan my S4S in advance so if you are wanting to do something today, tonight, tomorrow, then it’s not gonna work.


The best way to create genuine promotion is to shoot content together, so if you are interested in working together at some point then let me know. I’m based between Ibiza (Spain) and Manchester (UK), but also often in the US.